Nelson Ramirez, Honduras

$ 17.75

Brand Ritual

Nelson Ramirez's  "Chely"

Nelson is an exceptional and unusual coffee producer for the El Cielito region. He’s a trained agronomist and botanist, and manages his expansive farm in a very professional manner, densely planting his Catuai variety trees in manicured rows to maximize production. While we typically associate big production yields with diminished quality, Nelson very carefully monitors his plants, driving up from the village daily in an old Dodge truck to insure they are all healthy and vigorous.

Nicknaming the farm “Chely”, after his mother, shows a softer side of Nelson that isn’t all business, and his sense of humor is as honed and effective as his growing practices. The fruits of all this labor are tremendously sweet, with a light nuanced acidity that has become a hallmark of great coffees from this region. Nelson has done much to challenge notions of traditional coffee cultivation, but it’s hard to disagree with his delicious results. 

Flavor Notes: navel oranges, grilled peaches, brown sugar