The Silver Wheel Seasonal Espresso

 The Silver Wheel is a final demitasse of sunshine as we head into the cooler, darker months of Winter. With an intense florality and juicy character, this espresso features two exciting Ethiopian coffees tied together with an exceptional selection from Colombia.

Before your first sip, a complex floral arrangement finds the nose, provided by the intensely aromatic coffees from the Hama Cooperative in the Kochere district of Ethiopia.  The combination of local varieties, high growing elevations (1600-2400 MASL), and exceptional washing and milling yields crisp, pointed aromas of rose hips and apple blossoms.

Pairing with the sun-kissed orchard aromatics of the Hama is coffee sourced from the Aramo Cooperative in the nearby Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia, creating the rich body for this blend.  As with the Hama, this coffee is high grown, between the elevations of 1400-1800 MASL, and washed and milled using traditional methods. The Aramo lends vivid flavors of blackberry juice, sweet huckleberry, and ripe cantaloupe.

Finally, to bridge the intense aromas of the Hama and the refreshingly tart flavors of the Aramo, a small amount of coffee from the producers from the town of Gigante, Colombia round out the cup, providing an exceptionally sweet and smooth finish.  Grown at elevations between 1500-1900 MASL, and washed and dried at individual producer’s farms, these Caturra, Bourbon, and Castillo variety cherries meld together into a complex and layered cup. When juxtaposed with two vibrant Ethiopian  coffees, Los Gigantes tames the acidity of this espresso with a ripe plum sweetness, and finishes with full flavors of light molasses and almond praline.

Together, these exceptional coffees create a very sweet and juicy espresso, reminiscent of the sunniest of summer days. The Silver Wheel, one in continuous flux, containing the fleeting joys that too, shall pass - don’t let this one get away!


2/5 Hama—— Kochere, Ethiopia

2/5 Aramo——Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

1/5 Los Gigantes—— Gigante, Huila, Colombia


A Few Words on the 2014 Ritual Coffee Roasters Seasonal Espresso Program & its Imagery:


The symbolism behind the artwork for this year’s seasonal espressos comes from illustrator Jen Kruch’s fascination with Tarot, alchemy, and the occult. In magical practices, the cardinal directions are referred to as the Watchtowers and are evoked during the casting of a circle prior to a magical ritual. Each Watchtower is associated with a Tarot suit (Swords, Coins, Wands, Cups), an element (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), and a phase of the moon (New, Waxing, Full, Waning). The Watchtowers conjure imagery which is based on these simple concepts, yet is rich with symbolism and story. The aim is to be part fairy tale, part magic, and wholly inspired by the seasons and their bounties.



The Silver Wheel Seasonal Espresso
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