Wolf Moon Seasonal Espresso

In this season, when the sun lacks any strength to thaw, we think strong coffee is a necessity. Wolf Moon Espresso pairs together three fresh, pull-punches offerings that will help you persevere through the darkest, coldest winter days. 


The shots you’ll get from Wolf Moon Espresso are unabashedly syrupy-sweet. A generous proportion (40%) of Alfonso Vinhal’s Recanto from Brazil lends itself to filling out the body with a characteristic dense cakeyness. Rich, sticky sweet flavors of Nürnberger Lebkuchen cookies, persimmons and spiced cider hold this shot together and linger long after the last sip is taken. 


Counterbalancing the weight of the Recanto is an identical proportion (40%) of the Amistad - a collaboration of coffee from the Artunduaga and Viveros farms outside Palmar de Criollo, in the Huila Department of Colombia. Adding a touch of complexity, this high-grown coffee balances out shots of Wolf Moon with its effervescent, vanilla Coke acidity. 


Together, these two exceptional coffees make for a tasty, sweet shot, but something is still missing from this blend: the fruit! Adding deep and nuanced flavor to the Wolf Moon is a Rwandan coffee from the Cotecaga washing station. This selection makes a nice bridge between the Brazil base flavors and the Colombian acidity—with notes of goji berry, Chinese hawthorn, and preserved plum.


Both with milk and on its own, Wolf Moon’s flavors shine through. It is rich without being cloying; it is pleasantly fruited without a sharp tartness. It is the perfect espresso to hunker down with and howl at the moon 'til spring.

Tasting Notes: Lebkuchen, Vanilla Coke, Preserved Plum


2/5 Recanto—— Brazil
2/5 Amistad——Colombia
1/5 Cotecaga——Rwanda 


Wolf Moon Seasonal Espresso
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