Wildwood Seasonal Espresso

Wildwood Seasonal Espresso Blend

A wise man in a crowded bar once remarked to us, laughing off some nearby fool’s antics, “Well, he’s just a young buck trying to get his.” Later, watching herds of endangered Tule Elk frolic in the summer winds of California’s Point Reyes, we understood this sentiment.

The seasons are changing, friends; and if you’re in San Francisco it’s only 30 minutes to summer in almost every direction. In this spirit we are proud to present Wildwood, our latest seasonal espresso. This woodland sentinel consists of a unique four-bean blend of coffees, delivering a colorfully caffeinated kick to help you charge headlong into summertime.

Wake to the bugle of buttercream and cashew sounded by the Monte Verde of Brasil, a solid and unmistakable call. Scamper with the foxes through the white trillium and jasmine of our early blooming Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Heleanna Georgalis. Feast on the elegant hibiscus and sweet red apple found in Nancy Majano’s Monte Rey from El Salvador, like caviar to the deer. Ride on the magic carpet of blackcurrant and lemon candy soaring from the Guatemalan Hunapu Bourbón.

Then light your way with fairy lanterns far into the woodland wildflowers. It’s time, young bucks and buckettes–go get yours!


Tasting Notes: 

Crème de violette / lemon candy / blackcurrant / fresh buttercream

Wildwood Seasonal Espresso
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