Aeropress® Coffee Maker

$ 35.00

We know what you're thinking: No plastic coffee maker created by the guy who reinvented the Frisbee is going to be any good (that was our reaction when we saw it for the first time).
Then we started using it. We were thoroughly impressed with the taste of the coffee it makes and, more practically, with how easy it was to use (and clean!). In fact, we loved it so much, we've won a number of coffee brewing competitions over the years using it (shhh...don’t tell anyone).


The AeroPress' paper filter gives the wonderfully clean cup we require in our brews, but because it is also a full immersion brewer (meaning all of the coffee and water remain together for the entire brew cycle), it’s really easy to use. And in case there are any “Oooh, plastic, yuck!” folks out there, we’d like to point out that the plastic is medical grade and contributes no flavor whatsoever.

This brewer is ideal for the coffee lover who’s also an avid traveler (it’s virtually unbreakable) or for anyone who just loves a good and easy cup of coffee.