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CHEMEX® Coffeemaker

$ 37.00

We've got a crush on the Chemex. There, we said it! Not only is it undeniably good-lookin', it makes a darn good cup (or cups) of coffee.

This brewing device is made out of non-porous borosilicate glass, which means that it doesn't absorb flavors or odors. That's part of the reason the Chemex is able to deliver such clean, expressive cups.  The other reason? The filters. Chemex filters are made of very thick paper which ensures the absorption of oils and solids that can contribute to bitter or unpleasant flavors in coffee. The cone shape helps to avoid over extraction, another reason behind bitter flavors.

We stock the 6 cup wood-handled version as seen in the photo. 

*NOTE* the Chemex and its filters are sold separately. Don't forget about the filters!