Hario V-60, Glass

$ 25.00

Hario of Japan has quite possibly perfected the manual pour-over brewer with this brilliant device. After doing loads of testing, we’ve found that the shape of the cone filter is what contributes most to brew quality because it ensures that all the coffee is saturated evenly during wetting and is extracted evenly during brewing.


In addition, its large spiraling ridges help to keep the filter off the sidewalls of the brewer so the coffee can extract out the sides in addition to the bottom of the filter. These spirals also allow steam to escape, giving more consistent, even extractions. Finally, and maybe most impressively, the paper filters that Hario has created specifically for use with this device yield no paper taste in your cup and thus require little to no rinsing. (We despise the “paper taste” that is so frequently attributed with other brands of paper filters, so this was a very pleasant surprise for us.)


Brewer’s Tip: While the ridges are smaller in the glass version, there is no notable performance difference between the glass and ceramic models.