Anderacha, Ethiopia

$ 21.25

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: Heirloom

Location: Gera (Jimma Zone) - Oromia, Ethiopia

Tastes Like: blackberry, kaffir lime, oolong tea

Grown by: Omran Family

Processing: Washed

The Omran family had long been traveling to Ethiopia before deciding to settle down in the woreda of Gera in western Ethiopia. Patriarch of the family Peter Omran used to visit the country on medical aid trips, offering cataract surgeries to underserved populations in need. In 2009, the Omran family established a 300-hectare coffee farm. They named it "Abana", which translates to "Our Fathers" in Arabic - an homage to the deep roots and origins of the wild coffees indigenous to this mountainside. As a home base for serving the community, Abana Estate has continued in their tradition to offer medical aid to those in need, additionally helping with the building of a school and sports fields, as well as providing the supplies and uniforms for the children of the workers who live on the farm.

This is not to say that the coffee is an afterthought. Located over 2000 MASL, the conditions for growing specialty coffee are just right. As a single estate, the Omran family has total control over the quality of the operations. As good stewards of the land, they use a water-recycling wet mill, grow coffee under a mature forest canopy, and properly treat and dispose of waste. Through impeccable attention to detail and experimenting with processing, Abana produces some of the best coffee in the area.

This particular offering, which the estate calls Anderacha, is a traditional fully washed lot. Cherries were first floated for density before being de-pulped and fermented underwater. The coffee was then washed in channels and dried on raised beds.