Benedicto Yara Microlot, Colombia

$ 19.00

Harvested: Summer 2019

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Location: Huila Department, Colombia

Tastes like: cherry, sugar plum, milk chocolate

Grown by: Benedicto Yara

Processing Method: Fully Washed

For 9 years now, Ritual has appreciated the distinctive coffees of producer Benedicto Yara. In the old days, Benedicto would harvest his farm section by section, storing his picked coffee cherries in a sack until he had a large enough harvest to fill a single fermentation tank. These days, Benedicto's success has led to the expansion of his farm and improvements to his wet mill. In addition to receiving coffee from his original estate, El Guamo, we are proud to offer this lot of fresh Caturra and Castillo coffee from his newest addition to the farm. A special offering from one of our favorite producers, this particular lot showcases excellent structure, balance and sweetness.