"Best Friends" Winter Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50

"Best Friends" Winter Seasonal Espresso-

These two senior pups have been regulars at our Hayes Valley café for years. They met at work and became best friends instantly.

Sabra the Siberian Husky and Buddy the Parson Russell Terrier needed each other more than ever after both getting a cancer diagnosis a few months ago. Their humans Alex and Katie, who work in the same office, let us get to know their best friends.

This espresso blend is a tribute to the loyalty and love Sabra and Buddy shared, and our love for dogs everywhere.


1/3 Producer's Pride, Costa Rica
1/3 Shilcho, Ethiopia
1/3 Ngurueri, Kenya

Tasting Notes:
maraschino cherry, concord grape, caramelized sugar