Cabin Fever Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50


  • 40% Evin Moreno’s “La Montañita”, Honduras
  • 40% Organic Aramo Co-op, Ethiopia
  • 20% Los Crestones, Costa Rica

Why Cabin Fever? For one it’s a throwback to a (far too short-lived) holiday-time espresso from 2012, updated for the way we feel today. It’s a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s essential cold weather thriller and psychological exercise. It’s a wintertime phenomenon we’re lucky not to be geographically afflicted by. Yet the textbook definition of cabin fever is extreme irritability and restlessness from being in a tight or isolated space, so we can sympathize. Sometimes San Francisco is a tight and isolated space. And sometimes San Franciscans will hibernate in their Victorian flats for days at a time, ignoring the humming city around them. A hilly fog bubble of Cabin Fever can set in.

We say fight it with coffee! But don’t go stir crazy with a new bag, let this one mellow a bit. We’re thinking 4+ days off roast at least. Drink it, feel it, and then get out there! Fight the fever. Give back to what surrounds you. And ride that big wheel through town like a psychic child pedaling toward the future on wings of caffeine. ’Tis the season!



Evin Moreno, of the famed Moreno family of coffee growers in El Cedral, Honduras, contributes beans from La Montañita, his beautiful sloping farm that overlooks the village below. This harvest has flavors of strawberry candy, red apple, and a caramel finish. Team that equally with the smooth yet spicy florality of the Organic Aramo (a perennial heirloom favorite from Ethiopia), and you've got one festive combo. Maybe a little too festive. So we tempered it with the low-toned chocolate and nut flavors of beans from the Los Crestones micromill in Costa Rica. And voila!—like any good mix it keeps us on our toes and free from want. Who wants to be stuck with the same boring blend all winter?

Suggestions for a dreamy shot:

  • 17.2g dose
  • 32 second extraction
  • 29g yield


Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group

Days Rested: 7-12