Concepción Buena Vista, Guatemala

$ 22.00

Producer: Bernardo Solano

Location: San Martín Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Harvest Season: Winter 2019

Tasting Notes: honeycomb, pink lady apple, milk chocolate

Processing: Washed

The Guatemalan department of Chimaltenango is a mountainous region offering all of the conditions perfect for coffee growing. While much of the coffee here is found as blends hailing from small producers, there are also some stellar individual farms offering amazing single-origin coffees. Concepción Buena Vista is one of these farms.

The producer, Bernardo Solano, is a coffee veteran and a well known figure within the industry. In 2018, he was elected president of the Guatemalan coffee association, Anacafé, representing more than 125 thousand coffee-growing families throughout the country.

On his farm, Bernardo grows a combination of varieties in a combination of hillside and mountain valley terrain at 1800 MASL. One thing we love about this farm is that Bernardo has implemented a clinic to provide medical assistance for many indigenous families living in the surrounding mountains, many miles away from the next nearest facilities in San Martín. We also love that he is a proponent of using native trees to shade his delicate coffee plants, rather than Grevillea trees (native to Australasia) more commonly found in conjunction with coffee here. This is a detail oriented producer who strives for the best in all things on his farm, and it certainly shows in this fantastic Guatemalan coffee we look forward to every year.