Sweet Tooth Espresso - Kiangurwe, Kenya

$ 21.50

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: SL28, SL34

Location: Ukuu Town, Meru County, Kenya

Tastes like: brown sugar, pink lady apple, lemon curd

Grown by: Smallholder Farmers


This premium microlot coffee grows in abundant rainfall and rich soils on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Members of the Kiangurwe factory wash and soak fresh hand-picked cherries in water from the Kathita river. The coffee is spread on raised-beds and covered during the hottest part of the day to allow even drying. Finally, the Meru County Coffee Mill hulls, polishes, sorts and grades this coffee.

We recommend starting with the following brew parameters:

  • Dose: 17.4 grams in a "18g" VST or "17g" Strada basket
  • Temp: 198-200 degrees at the group
  • Time: 29 seconds
  • Brewing Ratio: 50-60% or about 31-33g of liquid
  • Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group
  • Days Rested: 7-12


Sweet Tooth
A Single Origin Espresso

As a roaster that is committed to promoting our producers and bringing them out of anonymity, single origin espresso has always been important to us. The best shots of espresso we've ever had have been single origin--dynamic, sweet, and complex. They are balanced, and good in milk to boot.

Throughout the year we will be showcasing eight to twelve single producers in homage to our original Sweet Tooth blend. An anti-blend that explicitly showcased the producers whose coffees comprised it. Sweet Tooth will be a rotating single origin on which we've put our stamp of approval as a great shot of espresso.