Day Drinker Seasonal Espresso

$ 16.25


  • 50% El Ang​é​l, Costa Rica
  • 25% La Moñtanita, Honduras
  • 25% Hama Organic, Ethiopia
Ahhhhh - winter ​on the Left Coast. The time of year when ​much​ of the ​Northern Hemisphere​ bundles up out of necessity​,​ and we bundle up simply for love of scarves. However, not unlike the rest of the ​humans​, we also take solace in ​a ​beverage​ that warms us body and soul​​.​ Whether a bit of mulled wine, a hot toddy, a nice glass of Pinot Noir, or a double americano - most of us are Day Drinkers. 
To escape the ​foggy ​chill​ of San Francisco​ Bay​, one often need travel only an hour north - to the ​golden ​rolling hills of ​the ​Napa Valley. Known for innovation in the culinary world, Napa is ​also ​​the perfect​ place to relax, recharge and re-introduce yourself to the many beverages th​is storied region​ has to offer. Imagine yourself in the sun,​ perhaps​ biking from vineyard to vineyard, wineglass to wineglass; experiencing the ​sweet harvest​ by the magnum. No coffee reminds us more of the complex​,​ fruit​ed​ body of California wine quite like the ​Familia ​Chac​ó​n​'s​ farm, El Ang​é​l. A Costa Rican coffee that we cannot get enough of, ​the ​Ang​é​l brings structure and bright pear and citrus notes to this espresso.
​Sometimes o​ur winter days are marked by misty skies​–not unlike the ​fog blanketed hi​lls​ above Lake Yojoa​, Honduras​, home to some of the most beautiful coffee​s ever grown​. The Familia Moreno​ of this region​ is known far and wide in the world of coffee for having a veritable hit machine of stellar ​produce e​very​ year. And a​lthough Evin​ Moreno's La Moñtanita ​harvest ​comprises just a quarter of this blend, its notes of star anise and candied ginger bring complexity and nuance to the table.

After two whoppers of flavor, it's imperative to top things off with a bit of​ refreshing lightness. The Organic ​Hama, hailing from Ethiopia, lends its florality and an almost tea-like quality to our ​Day Drinker. Reminiscent of blackberry jam and fresh rose petals, it balances levity with deep complexity in a way only Ethiopian coffees can.
We've joined these coffees to ​create a winter warmer that enlivens the soul​, and won't make you tipsy. Wherever you may be this season, join us! You may know California wine, but do you know California Coffee? Wherever you may be this season, join us!


We recommend starting with the following brew parameters: 

Dose: 17-18 grams in a "18g" VST or "17g" Strada basket

Temp: 198-200 degrees at the group

Time: 28-32 seconds

Brewing Ratio: 50-60% or 30-35 g of liquid

Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group

Days Rested: 7-12