Dora Lidia Muñoz, Colombia

$ 17.75

Producer: Dora Lidia Muñoz

Location: La Union, Nariño Department, Colombia

Harvest Season: Fall 2016

Tasting Notes: rose hips, strawberry candies, yerba buena

Processing: Washed

The Colombian department of Nariño features a unique mountainous landscape, the birthplace of of the 3 main ranges that define the landscape of Colombia. It is here, just outside of the town of La Union, where Dora Lidia Muñoz grows something special. When asked about her coffee, she remarked: "The quality comes from the rich volcanic soil the region has to offer. It has the best special conditions for growing coffee in terms of water availability, temperature, sunlight and wind." What she left out was that this coffee would never be what it is without a year of careful planning, a little bit of experimentation, lots of hard work, and impeccable attention to detail in the harvest. The land provided the possibilities, but Dora was the woman who used it all to produce the finest cup of coffee in Colombia.

The big draw to this coffee is its complexity. It is light and floral with a strong rose hip aroma. It is racy and bright, with a citrus acidity. A bit lime-like, a bit like a kumquat. It's fruity sweet like cherry chapstick and strawberry candies. And it finishes on the most unique, clean, almost minty note of Yerba Buena and lemon balm. Each sip is a little different, and every sip is incredibly enjoyable.