Duromina, Ethiopia

$ 20.75

Harvested: Winter 2016-2017

Variety: Heirloom

Location: Jimma, Ethiopia

Tastes Like: strawberry candy, lemonade, chamomile

Grown By: Duromina Cooperative Farmers

Outside of Jimma, Ethiopia, there was a group of coffee producers who were historically on the ‘wrong’ side of a river. Because of the extreme difficulty in transporting coffee cherries to the coffee buyers on the other side, the coffees from this micro-region often went bad and sold for extremely sub-par prices. But bad coffee at auction doesn’t necessarily mean bad coffee on the farms. Advocating for themselves, the growers organized into the Duromina Cooperative and immediately set about building a quality washing station. By processing the cherries themselves down to green parchment, they were able to keep the quality of the coffee high and sell it directly at auction for far higher prices than ever before.

This Grade 1 lot is incredibly sweet and juicy, with flavors not unlike chewy fruit candies. Wild stuff!