El Alto, Costa Rica

$ 19.75

Harvested: Winter 2018-2019

Variety: Caturra

Location: Piedra del Rivas, Costa Rica

Tastes like: apricot, praline, lemon

Grown by: Grace Calderón Jiménez

The coffees from Grace Calderón Jiménez’s El Alto first introduced us to the Los Crestones Micro Mill in Piedra del Rivas, Costa Rica. Since 2009, we’ve looked forward to Grace’s coffee every harvest, and it never disappoints.

These Caturra variety trees are grown 1885 meters above sea level on her one-hectare farm. The coffee is a unique experimentation from Grace - she decided to process this lot using a particular washing method most commonly practiced in Kenya. After the coffee is depulped, it undergoes an overnight fermentation. Once the sticky mucilage is washed clean from the coffee, it then gets a day-long soak to make sure the last of the remaining fruit is gone and also to homogenize the moisture of the beans. Finally, the coffee is washed one final time before finishing on raised beds. The results of this work show themselves in one of the cleanest and brightest offerings we are able to find in all of Costa Rica!