El Angel: La Casa, Costa Rica

$ 18.75

Producer: Alejandra and Arturo Chacón

Location: Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Harvest Season: Winter 2016

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, milk chocolate, peach iced-tea

Processing: Mechanically Washed

Alejandra Chacón and her father Arturo produce these Villalobos and Caturra cherries on their small farm in Llano Bonito León Cortés, Tarrazú, Costa Rica, at 1680 meters above sea level. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years working with the Chacóns. They are deeply invested in the quality of their coffee and it shows having built their own aqua-pulping station to process the coffee as well as raised beds used for drying the parchment.

This lot represents a particularly nice section of the farm, comprised of coffees harvested from the trees surrounding their home. The abundant sweetness of the coffees from this area pairs amazingly well with a mechanically washed processing style, producing what is called a white honey coffee. This coffee is bright and balanced, with a sugary sweetness, flavors of raspberry and finishing with notes of sweet orange.