El Cipres, Costa Rica

$ 19.25

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: Villalobos

Location: West Valley, Costa Rica

Tastes like: citrus, toasted almonds, caramel

Grown by: Osvaldo Gonzalez

Osvaldo Gonzalez produces these Villalobos coffee cherries on his farm in Llano Bonito de Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica, at 1685 meters above sea level. Villalobos is a very highly regarded cultivar—closely related to Typica—that delivers complex and pleasing flavors in the cup. This coffee is expertly processed at the Helsar de Zarcero micro-mill in Costa Rica’s version of the washed process. The skin of the cherries is removed via pulpers and most of the sticky mucilage is mechanically removed before the coffee is dried on a special covered patio. The roof of the patio protects the moisture-vulnerable coffee from rain while the mesh walls allow sunlight and airflow to slowly dry the coffee.

Look for jammy sweet flavors in this year’s harvest -a combination of round citrus and sticky sweet stonefruit notes makes for a very sweet and drinkable cup, however brewed.