El Guamo Microlot, Colombia

$ 24.25

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: Caturra

Location: Huila Department, Colombia

Tastes like: cola, guava, strawberry

Grown by: Benedicto Yara

Near the town of La Plata, in the Huila Department of Colombia, Benedicto Yara produces these Caturra varietal trees at 1780-1980 masl on his farm, El Guamo. This coffee is picked and then depulped and allowed to ferment for several hours. After rinsing away the remaining mucilage, the coffee is spread out on parabolic-covered mesh platforms. The covering protects the coffee from intermittent rains and insulates against dramatic swings in temperature.

We specifically selected this lot for its intense sweetness and enduring acidity. Look for flavors of cherry cola, guava, strawberry and ripe peaches.