El Lito, Costa Rica

$ 19.75

HarvestedWinter '19

Variety: Caturra, Catuaí

Location: La Piedra de Rivas, Costa Rica

Tastes like: navel orange, pecans, pumpkin pie

Grown by: Francis Portuguez

Processing Method: Yellow Honey

In the hills surrounding the tiny town of La Piedra de Rivas, near the Chirripo National Forest in Costa Rica, 10 producing families have come together to build a micro-milling facility called Beneficio Los Crestones. While we purchase some great coffees as a collaboration between producers of this micro mill, each year we select a few of the best lots to feature on their own.

This year, producer Francis Portuguez did a standout job on this particular Caturra and Catuai collection of coffees. A neighbor of one of our favorite farms, Finca el Alto, Finca el Lito derives its name from the father of both producers, Lito Portuguez. This particular offering was processed as "yellow honey", with some fruit remaining on the bean when dried, and showcases excellent balance in flavor, with an evenhandedness of acidity, sweetness, and nuttiness.