El Renacer Microlot, Colombia

$ 24.25

Harvested: Winter 2018
Variety: Caturra
Location: Huila Department, Colombia

Tastes like: tangerine, cola, key lime pie

Grown by: Fabio Artunduaga

On El Renacer, Fabio Artunduaga grows some of the finest looking Caturra coffee in the whole Pitalito area. Hovering around 1700 meters above sea level, this farm is a model of organization and impeccable farming practices. While the climate and the soil provide the raw elements for quality, it's in details - like comprehensive training and highly paid picking staff - that help create a coffee nothing short of amazing. This coffee was washed, fermented in tiled tanks and dried atop raised beds right next to the farmhouse. Very limited quantities!