Featherweight Autumn Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50

Our Autumn 2020 Seasonal Espresso

featherweight is a whimsical term in the sporting world, indicating a competitor who's extremely light but not to be underestimated in ability. As a tiny, go-our-own-way independent company, we've always taken pride in punching well above our weight class when it comes to coffee quality. And we're incredibly fortunate to have developed an unexpected international notoriety for such a scrappy, hyper-local, passion driven outfit.

But to be real, this year has been an unprecedented test of our resolve: as a small business in America, we've taken some big hits over these past months from temporary and permanent shutdowns, devastating wildfires, and long overdue examinations of our company culture and of the coffee industry culture at large

Like many of you, we've managed to get back up, acknowledge where we've fallen short, and continue to evolve. To phoenix up from the ashes and keep on keepin' on. We're 15 years into our mission to always be improving, to emerge stronger and wiser than before, and to never lose sight of the prize – forever changing the way people know coffee.

We do all of this for you, and so we offer Featherweight Espresso as a kind of late-stage catalyst to help make 2020 your year – hard fought, but ultimately better for it. 

Your wings may feel a bit heavy these days, but long may you fly!


Tasting Notesgrapefruit, cinnamon, agave nectar


1/3 Esperança, Brasil

1/3 Colca, Peru

1/3 Hunapu, Guatemala

We are using Bruno Souza's naturally processed coffees from Fazenda Esperança as the base for this espresso. Alive with the flavors of the Brasilian Cerrado, this component provides heavy-bodied sweetness with jammy flavors of cherry, orange marmalade, and milk chocolate. The harvest is picked frequently in small batches on this farm, and Bruno excels from his neighbors in separating out lots with perfectly even ripe fruit. Cherries are laid out to dry on a combination of shaded, mesh-covered clay patios and raised beds, allowing for fine-tuned control of the tricky drying process for his natural coffees.

Mechanically washed coffees from the Hunapu producer group are a great counterpoint to Esperança's naturally processed Catuaí and Icatu. The Hunapu group consists of 400+ smallholder producers on the slopes of the Agua and Acatenango volcanoes in Guatemala. Most of these families are indigenous producers who grow the traditional variety, Bourbón, using techniques and traditions passed down from one generation to the next. Once harvested, the ripe cherries are delivered to renowned miller and exporter Bella Vista where they are processed in a modified washed manner, using an eco-pulper to conserve the local area’s scarce water resources. The coffee is dried on raised beds under a protective covering. In the blend, Hunapu is responsible for fresh, bright, clean flavors of tropical fruits and ripe peaches.

Bridging the gap between Esperança and Hunapu are the coffees from the Valle Inca producers in the community of Colca, Peru. While the coffees grown in this region have long been known for exceptional quality, the geographically isolated farmers of the Yanatile valley have historically been unable to process, sell and market their coffees to buyers on an individual basis. Working toward that goal, the 100 members of the Valle Inca cooperative started to break down their offerings into small community lots, representing the coffees of the individual neighboring farms in various communities. The organically produced, traditionally washed Bourbón and Typica coffees of the hamlet of Colca were found to be absolutely exceptional this year. Complex and balanced, the Colca enhances the sweetness of the natural Esperança with flavors of dates and marzipan. Not lacking in fresh fruit aromatics, it also plays well with the brightness of Hunapu with juicy flavors of fuji apple and pear.