Guchienda Estate, Kenya

$ 23.50

Harvested: Winter 2016-2017

Variety: Heirloom, SL Varieties

Location: Embu County, Kenya

Tastes Like: blackberry jam, lemon verbena, red currant

Grown By: Edwin Kamau Mati

In the 1960s, the first SL variety coffee trees were planted on a five acre farm called Guchienda. In that time, the farm has grown to 12 acres - the minimum required to be known as a coffee ‘estate’ - and the farm has passed from father to son. Seeing the successes of selling high-quality coffee at auction, Edwin Kamau Mati made the revolutionary decision to start growing the best coffee he possibly could.

This year represents the first year Edwin has been able to sell his amazing coffee directly to a specialty roaster - and we couldn’t be happier to begin this new relationship! This coffee culminates a year of perfection - in order to get coffee of this quality you need impeccable farm management, perfect cherry picking, pristine processing and washing facilities, and careful sun-drying. The result in the cup is nothing short of spectacular.