Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala

$ 19.00

Harvested: Spring 2016

Variety: Bourbón and Typíca

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Tastes like: mission fig, peach, chocolate covered cherries

Grown by: Maria Zelaya

In Antigua, Guatemala, octogenarian Maria Zelaya grows Bourbón and Typíca trees on her 110-hectare farm at elevations between 1580 and 1890 meters above sea level. Maria is fiercely dedicated to producing quality coffee and has built a beautiful beneficio.

She processes the coffee in the traditional washed manner: depulping the skin of the coffee cherry off before subjecting it to a 24-hour fermentation process to deteriorate any remaining sugars off of the seed, and finally, sun-drying the coffee on patios. This year’s selection is incredibly sweet- with flavors of mission fig, and chocolate covered cherries.