Hama, Ethiopia

$ 20.50

Producer: Hama Producers

Location: Kochere, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Harvest Season: Fall 2015

Tasting Notes: Lilac, lavender, white grape

Processing: Washed

Every year, we wait eagerly for the fresh arrival of Ethiopian coffee from the Hama Cooperative of the Gedeo Zone. Hama is part of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative, or YCFCU, a large union of cooperatives in Kochere and neighboring Yirgacheffe. In consultation with the head of the Union, Takele Mammo, we connected with the coffees from Hama during a visit in 2011.

This coffee was grown at elevations between 1600-2400 meters and prepared in the traditional washed method with a long underwater fermentation followed by a post-fermentation soak. It is then dried on raised beds and hand-sorted to Grade 1 specifications. The resulting coffee, once roasted, presents an unusually floral cup with highlights of acidity and sweetness. Complex and floral, with flavors of lilac, lavender and white grape.