Hector Artunduaga, Colombia

$ 24.25

For the last 10 years, Hector Artunduaga's coffees have been some of our favorites at the table, but most people don't know this. Hector’s past harvests have mostly been combined with neighboring small lots in a collaboration called La Amistad. Over the years, each producer has grown and developed in their own right, and for the first time this season there was enough amazing coffee harvested from the individual farms to celebrate these growers independently. Hector is using the tried-and-true method of a simple overnight dry fermentation, followed by a thorough mechanical washing of the parchment. The coffee is then laid to dry in an enclosed rooftop patio. The resultant flavors are sweet and balanced; characteristics we've always loved in la Amistad and that we're proud to feature on their own!

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: Caturra

Location: Palmar de Criollo, Huila, Colombia

Tastes Like: honey, elderflower, pear

Grown By: Hector Artunduaga

Processing Method: Washed