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Jaime Casallas Gesha, Colombia (4 oz)

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Very limited Quantities available for this super special microlot Colombian Gesha!

*Orders for Gesha will roast and ship on December 16th, 2019 - get it in time for Christmas!*

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The gesha variety of coffea arabica was discovered in mountains of Ethiopia in the 1930s, and is renowned for its unique and delicate flavor profile. This organically grown microlot, from an all-star Colombian producer, is exceptionally fruited, floral, and aromatic.

We only have a small amount of this rare harvest available to offer online. If you've ever wanted to know what all the buzz is all about, here's your chance!

Harvested: Spring 2019

Variety: Gesha

Location: Huila, Colombia

Tastes like: Sour Cherry, Green Apple, Candied Violets

Grown by: Jaime Casallas

Roast Date: December 15, 2019

Quantity: 4 ounces, in our custom tiny bag!

But really, what's so special about Gesha?

The Gesha variety, first discovered in the forests of Ethiopia, was successfully introduced into the esteemed agricultural research center, CATIE, in Costa Rica in 1953. The adoption of this variety was slow-moving until it made its reappearance as a sleeper hit in quality competitions within neighboring Panama starting back in 1994.

Since then this prized variety, while slower growing and smaller yielding, has been making its way into specialty coffee production crops across the Americas. This is partly because the quality and complexity of the resulting coffee means these offerings can fetch well-deserved prices at market, but also because the variety has been found to be fairly hardy in its resistance to coffee leaf rust - one of the biggest natural maladies coffee plants encounter in this part of the world.

The coffee is harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness, and then processed at a special mill designed to work with boutique small lots grown using organic practices. 

None of this would matter if the flavor wasn't there. And let us assure you that this fresh crop Gesha has a mind-bogglingly beautiful flavor profile, crisp and sparkling with a rich, fruit-forward mouthfeel. If the gods ever dreamed of something special to warm their morning chalice, this is assuredly it.

This is Gesha, roasted as only Ritual can.