Kolla Bolcha, Ethiopia

$ 22.00

Harvested: Winter 2018

Variety: Heirloom varieties

Location: Jimma, Ethiopia

Tastes Like: oolong tea, pineapple, citrus

Grown by: Kata Muduga Union Cooperative Farmers

The Jimma Zone is home to some of our favorite Ethiopian coffees. When we heard that a new cooperative from the esteemed Kata Muduga Union was preparing to sell their first harvest, we were more than eager to get some samples!

Currently this cooperative processes the coffees of some 400 local member farmers. The coffee is washed and graded through the use of channels that separate the coffee by density. To finish the drying process, the coffee is moved into the sunlight for 1-2 weeks until the moisture stabilizes and the coffee is ready to mill and export. Extreme care is taken at every step of the process.

Look for classic Ethiopian florality and fruit forward body, with a unique zestiness that really sets this harvest apart.