Kopakama, Rwanda

$ 17.00


Harvested: Summer 2018

Variety: Bourbón

Location: Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Tasting Notes: honeydew melon, cranberry, gingerbread

Grown By: Kopakama Cooperative


Kopakama is an independent, worker-owned coffee cooperative located off the shores of Lake Kivu, Rwanda. Here, the producer owners take advantage of their elevation and lakeside microclimate to produce some of the highest quality Bourbón coffee in the region. Ritual decided to work with Kopakama not only because they produce the best coffee around, but also because of how Kopakama supports its community. Since 1998, the female producers have collectivized into a sub-cooperative, Ejo Heza. Meaning ‘beautiful tomorrow’, the profits made from their coffee sales go directly back to the women who produced the coffee. Additionally, they organize to provide technical support to those in need and offer financial support for a community where the money handling is done mostly by men. Expect a cup that showcases why Rwanda is a growing region like no other.