La Folie, Guatemala

$ 18.75

Harvested: Spring 2019

Variety: Bourbón, Caturra

Location: San Felipe de Jesus, Antigua, Guatemala

Tastes like: peach, chocolate, toasted almond

Grown by: Mary Louise and Mary-Anne Penny

Processing Method: Washed

Outside of the historic Guatemalan city of Antigua, the old-growth plants of La Folie grow under the shade of silky oaks at an elevation of 1570 meters above sea level. The Penny sisters entrust La Folie to the management of Luis Pedro Zelaya, who processes this coffee at his nearby mill, Finca Bella Vista.

Once harvested, the coffee is taken to the nearby mill in small batches, where the coffee is de-pulped, mechanically washed, and dried on a newly built system of raised beds. This particular lot is from the harvests of both the Bourbón and Caturra sections of the farm, showcasing the incredible sweetness and balance that our favorite Antiguan coffees have to offer.

In the cup, this lot opens with pleasant citrus and floral aromatics. Cherry-lime acidity pairs nicely with a gentle tropical fruit sweetness to create a coffee that is incredibly clean and incredibly drinkable.