La Roca, Nicaragua

$ 17.25

Harvested: February 2019

Variety: Maragogype, Caturra, Bourbón

Location: Dipilito, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Tastes Likeripe ripe citrus, red apple, danish pastry


Grown by: Dipilito Producer Group

Processing: Fully Washed

Six producers, living on the mountainous border between Nicaragua and Honduras, combine their efforts in this coffee, La Roca. This year brought very fruitful harvests, and we got to witness many new infrastructure projects like drying beds being used for their first time. The coffees are picked by hand on steep terrain located in some of the highest mountains in Nicaragua. Processing is done on the individual farms, with each producer responsible for the quality of their contribution. This particular offering showcases the sweetness we love from Nicaraguan coffees, balanced with the shining acidity we love from high-grown, carefully processed cherries. Look for a shining lemon balm-like acidity with a rich red fruit sweetness and a velvety angel food cake-like finish.