Las Manos, Honduras

$ 22.50

Producer: Santo Alexis Dominguez

Location:  Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Harvest Season: Summer 2019

Tasting Notes: Concord Grape, Cherry, Orange

Processing: Washed

In the mountains above Lake Yojoa, among the El Cedral community of the Santa Barbara Department of Honduras, lay Santos Alexis Dominguez's farm, Las Manos. Here, at around 1550 MASL, she grows predominantly Pacas and a small amount of Typica variety coffee trees. On her small farm, cherries are de-pulped in small batches before undergoing fermentation in a single tile-lined tank.

Over the years, Alexi has reinvested heavily into her farm, overcoming many obstacles thrown in the farm's path. Two years ago, after her drying beds tragically burnt down, she worked with Ritual to create a new, covered drying system that has since been working perfectly. Additionally, she saved the profits from previous harvests to do major replanting of her farm this year, ensuring many more years of amazing coffees from Las Manos.