Los Gigantes, Colombia

$ 17.00

Producer: Gigantes Producers

Location: Gigante, Huila Department, Colombia

Harvest Season: Spring 2020

Tasting Notes: meyer lemon, cranberry, dark chocolate

Processing: Washed

Los Gigantes is back!!

This coffee is a collection of smaller lots from producers around the town of Gigante in the Huila Department of Colombia. Grown at elevations ranging from 1500-1900 meters above sea level, these coffees are processed through small washing stations at each farm and then dried on raised beds under parabolic covers. Once in Gigante, with its signature giant La Ceiba trees, it’s sorted and ready to travel—soon to be headed to other “Gigantes” in San Francisco.

Sparkling and layered, with flavors of meyer lemon, cranberry and dark chocolate.