Los Sobrantes, Honduras

$ 16.50

Producer: Beneficio San Vicente Producers

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Harvest Season: Summer 2016

Tasting Notes: stone fruits, cinnamon, blackberry

Processing: Washed

At the end of the harvest season at Beneficio San Vicente (the Paz family’s mill in the community of Peña Blanca), there’s always small volumes of coffees “left over” from each of the of small producers we and other notable roasters work with in the region. Knowing that these coffees are really spectacular, the folks at San Vicente collected the harvest leftovers of some of the top producers of the region, and carefully blended them together. Los Sobrantes—literally the left overs—exhibits all of the classic acidity and sweetness noted in top lots from this area. An unusual name for an extraordinary coffee, Los Sobrantes is deeply fruited and sweet, with flavors reminiscent of a fresh-out-of-the-oven stone fruit galette, the aroma of black-berries, and a cinnamonesque finish!