Manyana, Rwanda

$ 15.75

Producer: Manyana Area Small Producers

Location: Kamonyi, Southern Province, Rwanda

Harvest Season: Summer 2016

Tasting Notes: Rocky Road fudge, navel orange, licorice

Whereas most of our Rwandan offerings hail from the deep south of the country, along Lake Kivu, the Manyana washing station sits smack dab in the middle of the country. It is here that the hills spreading from the capital of Kigali turn into the mountains of the Albertine Rift – and with that elevation comes a microclimate that provides growing conditions that are ideal for coffee.

This lot is produced by many smallholder farmers who live in these highlands, carefully growing Bourbón cherries to be milled at the Manyana washing station. Here they are depulped and then dry fermented in tanks. Once fermented, the coffee is washed in channels and then soaked again in a second tank for 12-18 hours before being hand sorted. The result is a coffee of incredible quality and consistency. In the cup, look for notes of citrus, toffee, and even cola!