Mauricio Benitez, Honduras

$ 22.50

Harvested: Summer 2019

Variety: Yellow Bourbón, Pacas

Location: El Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Tastes like: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon-Lime Soda

Grown by: Mauricio Benitez

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Two years ago, Mauricio Benitez started growing coffee on a piece of land sectioned off the top of his father's farm, La Piñona. High up on the slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain, his Pacas and Bourbón coffee plants truly thrive. While most of his neighbors cultivate the popular Pacas, Parainema and Lempira coffees, Mauricio has decided to maintain his traditionally-grown Yellow Bourbón variety. Combined with a small planting of Pacas, this coffee creates a cup that is totally unique from his specialty coffee producing neighbors.

This lot was picked at the peak of ripeness and processed in a traditional washed manner at La Piñona before being dried on raised beds at the top of the farm. One of the highest farms in the region, the coffees here develop slowly and dry gently. All of these details combined, this is one of the cleanest, brightest coffees we've tasted on the mountain!