Nelson Ramirez, Honduras

$ 20.50

Harvested: Summer 2018

Variety: Catuaí

Loacation: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Tastes like: cherries, orange blossom, tootsie roll

Grown By: Nelson Ramírez

Nelson Ramírez’s farm—nicknamed “Chely” after his mother—is located in the mountains above Lake Yojoa. These Catuaí variety coffees grow around 1550 masl, under heavy fog coming up from the lake below. These cooler temperatures, as well as other conditions unique to this micro-climate, contribute to slow the maturation process of the coffee, yielding a flavor that is unique in its complexity. These coffees are milled at the farm and then dried on raised screens—a necessity in the moist climate. Honeyed and juicy with flavors of spiced orange and grilled peach, supported by a brown sugar-like sweetness.