ORGANIC Oscar Fernandez, Peru

$ 19.00

Harvested: Summer 2019

Variety: Caturra and Bourbón

Location: Nuevo Trujillo (Community), San Jose de Lourdes (District), San Ignacio (Province), Cajamarca (Region), Peru

Tastes like: fuji apple, dark honey, danish pastry

Grown by: Oscar Fernandez 

Processing Method: Washed

Mr. Oscar Fernandez is a 47-year-old producer who lives in the village of Nuevo Trujillo in Northern Peru. He arrived in Nuevo Trujillo more than 20 years ago and quickly got engaged to a woman from the community, with whom he had three daughters.

Mr. Fernandez raised cattle and sold staple goods, and through this work he came into contact with coffee producers. He became very interested in the crop, and eventually purchased a 5-hectare farm.

The first harvest proved successful, and year after year his production increased, due to the fertile soil and the shade trees that provide a cool environment for coffee cherries to mature. Shade trees are also an integral part of the ecology of a healthy growing environment – banana and native trees such as the Alicaro tree fill the area.

About the Growing Cooperative:

Since 2017, we’ve been consistently inspired by Santuario’s commitment to honesty and transparency, their dedication to education and growth, and their devotion to quality as a way to add real value to people’s lives.

Led by president Gonzalo Guevara and Ismael Alarcon, Santuario has grown rapidly in the two years since its founding, currently supporting an active membership of 360 smallholder producers and producer groups. Working with a mission to help smallholder producers get the best possible prices for coffee through quality improvement, Santuario also offers technical field assistance, sending individuals with agricultural experience and training to offer advice on soil fertility, cultivation techniques, harvesting, and post-harvest practices in order to improve quality.

Uniting smallholder producers from Northern Peru’s ecologically diverse Cajamarca region, Santuario’s long-term goals include helping farmers renovate their farms with the best tasting and most resilient coffee varieties, controlling pests and soil fertility through organic means, helping farmers navigate the effects of climate change, and helping scale improved drying practices as the co-op grows.

In addition to helping farmers access the specialty market, Santuario’s focus on long- term sustainability offers a path to equally long-term profitability for smallholder farmers. With high elevations, diverse microclimates, high-quality soil, and varieties of Yellow Caturra, Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon, Typica, Pache, and Catimor – coffees from Santuario offer notes of red fruit like apple and plum, deep honeyed sweetness, and baking spice.

In only a few years, the cooperative helped not only to improve coffee quality, but to build a local community around coffee farming. We’re excited about the coffees we’ve received from them this year and even more excited to see what the future has in store!