Painted Ladies Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50

"Painted Ladies" Seasonal Espresso-

Battleship gray.

During World War II when paint was scarce, many of San Francisco’s Edwardians and Victorians were slathered in colorless government-issue paint. Including our iconic “Postcard Row.”

Then, as we tend to do here in San Francisco, we added a little color. And then a little more. We made our world more vivid.

There is enough battleship gray in this world. This espresso is an homage to the spirit of the Painted Ladies: bright pink hibiscus, dark cherry trim and kumquat-orange details just bordering on garish.

About the components:

Vibrant in every way, Guatemalan coffee matriarch Maria Zelaya of Hacienda Carmona kicks off this beauty with a layered harvest, strong on notes of cranberry and praline.

From Costa Rica, our "Producer's Pride" single-origin blend complements with the brightness of tart limes and apricots.

Adding floral hues to the mix, the Organic Hambela Gotiti also highlights the nuance and complexity of Ethiopian coffees.

Fan favorite Los Gigantes from Colombia rounds out the row, balancing this chromatic powerhouse with meyer lemon and chocolate.

As timeless and unique as the Painted Ladies, this rainbow of flavors is another true San Francisco original.

25% Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala
25% Producer's Pride, Costa Rica
25% Organic Hambela Gotiti, Ethiopia 
25% Los Gigantes, Colombia

Tasting NotesDark Cherry, Kumquat, Hibiscus