Producer's Pride, Costa Rica

$ 18.00

Harvested: Winter 2019

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Villalobos

Location: Chirripo, Costa Rica

Tastes Like: peach, cacao nib, baklava pastry

Grown By: Beneficio Los Crestones Producers

In the hills surrounding the tiny town of La Piedra de Rivas, near the Chirripo National Forest in Costa Rica, 10 producing families have come together to build a micro-milling facility called Beneficio Los Crestones. As we begin our tenth year of working with these growers, we’re happy to see the fruits of a large scale rebuilding of drying tables, funded by a donation from Ritual that provides crucial infrastructure for the production of high quality coffee. With the new covered drying beds, there is now plenty of space for coffee to dry slowly and evenly, preserving the flavors we love about this coffee fresh at origin.

This lot collects the coffees from several of the Los Crestones producers in a blend we’re calling Producer’s Pride. Containing Caturra, Catuai, and Villalobos varieties, Producer’s Pride is a clean, mechanically washed coffee, often called a white honey coffee. Look for sugary sweet flavors of stone fruit jams, honey, and citrus.