Santa Clara, Brasil

$ 17.00

Producer: Edmar Zuccon

Location: Brejetuba, Espírito Santo, Brasil

Harvest Season: Summer 2016

Tasting Notes: peanut brittle, clarified butter, navel orange

Processing: Washed

Fazenda Santa Clara hails from a unique sourcing region within Brasil for Ritual: Espírito Santo. An area mainly known for beach destinations, the mountains in the southwest of this coastal state are dominated by small-scale coffee growers, who continue to operate the farms within the family using traditional knowledge and practices, unlike the majority of coffee producers in Brasil .

Encompassing 292 Hectares at an altitude of 1117 MASL, the farm is carefully managed by Edmar Zuccon, his wife Yvon, and 16 full time resident farm- hands. Taking painstaking measures to ensure quality, the farm is structured with two entirely separate milling operations with a portion of the farm is set aside explicitly for the production of amazing specialty coffee lots like this one. Harvesting is done selectively by hand here, and cherries are painstakingly processed in a fully washed manner before being dried in a combination of cool-temperature electric driers and raised beds.