Sweet Tooth Espresso - Gitwe Hill, Burundi

$ 21.25

Harvested: Summer 2019

Variety: Bourbón

Location: Kayanza, Burundi

Tastes like: grapefruit, raspberry, oolong tea

Grown by: Gitwe Hill Farmers

Processing Method: Fully Washed

From far off, the Burundian countryside is a vast expanse of green-carpeted rolling hills. While much of the land here has been cultivated for centuries, there are still places like the mountainous, cloud-shrouded Kibira rainforest that show a different side of Burundi.

Gitwe Hill sits in the shadow of this great reserve, and here the high altitude, mild temperatures, and abundant water create an excellent microclimate for coffee. One of the larger hills in the province, around 2,000 families call it home. These farmers grow a variety of crops like cassava and banana, but for most, the prized harvest is the coffee harvest. Come harvest time, families on Gitwe Hill work together to pick the ripe red Bourbón cherries.

While farmers have their choice of where to sell their coffee, most here take theirs to the Long Miles Coffee Project's Heza mill, located right in the middle of Gitwe. Unlike at other coffee mills, here, the community's coffees are kept together - a reflection of the terroir and hard work of these interlocked families. This traceability goes both ways – on our side, we are able to have a unique specific understanding of where our coffee comes from and who grew it. On their side, farmers are kept informed of who purchased their coffees, and they are able to capitalize on second payments that directly reflect their individual work.

We recommend starting with the following brew parameters:

  • Dose: 17.3-17.6 grams in a "18g" VST or "17g" Strada basket
  • Temp: 198-200 degrees at the group
  • Time: 29 seconds
  • Brewing Ratio: 50-60% or about 31-33g of liquid
  • Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group
  • Days Rested: 7-12


Sweet Tooth
A Single Origin Espresso

As a roaster that is committed to promoting our producers and bringing them out of anonymity, single-origin espresso has always been important to us. The best shots of espresso we've ever had have been single-origin --dynamic, sweet, and complex. They are balanced, and good in milk to boot.

Throughout the year we will be showcasing eight to twelve single producers in homage to our original Sweet Tooth blend. An anti-blend that explicitly showcased the producers whose coffees comprised it. Sweet Tooth will be a rotating single-origin bean on which we've put our stamp of approval as a great shot of espresso.