Thiriku, Kenya

$ 25.75

Harvested: Winter 2019

SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

Location: Karangia, Nyeri County, Kenya

Tastes Like: lemon-lime soda, red currant, peach

Grown By: Thiririka Cooperative Society

Processing Method: Fully Washed, Sun-Dried

In 2002, the Tetu Farmers' Cooperative Society split, paving the way for the formation of the Thiriku FCS. This new cooperative is managed by a democratically elected board of 9 members, each of whom serves as a representative of the 6 villages that encompass Thiriku's member farmers.

Sitting at 1,907 MASL, the Thiriku wet mill is one of the highest in the country, and in many ways benefits from the cool temperatures that characterize their microclimate. Their 2,500 smallholder farmers grow a combination of SL28, SL34 and a small amount of Ruiru 11 coffee in addition to other food crops such as macadamia, avocado, corn, and dairy products.

After collection, Thiriku coffees are sorted for ripeness before pulping and a secondary sorting by density. The coffee is then dry fermented overnight, between 16-24 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed in clean, fresh river water to remove all remaining traces of fruit from the beans. The clean coffee is then laid on raised drying beds, where it will be continually sorted over the full drying period - an average of 2 weeks.