Red Flag Seasonal Espresso

$ 16.25


  • 50% Chapadão, Brasil

  • 25% Freitas, Brasil

  • 25% Kanyege, Rwanda

In 2005, Ritual Coffee was founded and created its own banner, feeling like what we were undertaking in San Francisco was tantamount to a revolution in the industry, creating a community around great coffee and needing an emblematic way to get that across. Enter the Red Flag! This was our movement, and this was our message – no more mediocre coffee, fellow citizens! We've come a long way, yet in 2017 we’re still a small, independent, woman-owned specialty coffee company. And it seems to us that in light of some big changes, folks all over the world have felt the need to reassert themselves – to fly their "flag" with pride and visibility, and here in the USA to fly the stars and stripes next to other visual representations of what our incredibly varied communities feel is also quintessential to them as Americans, and important to protect and defend. We should all be proud to hoist the banners of our nations, organizations, causes, and struggles in order to progress and perfect our unions. Not to be exclusive, but to be inclusive. Whatever your flag may be, fly it high, let it be known! As long as it's rooted in love and acceptance, we can't help but salute you.

Red Flag! – it can mean so many things. It was the name of our first ever espresso blend as a fledgling independent coffee roaster. It’s our logo. It’s a celebration. But it’s also a warning. It means slow down, stop, ponder and proceed with caution. 12 years later, we still fly our red flag with pride, holding tight to our values and our commitment to bring you the best coffees we can find in a manner where everybody wins.

Chapadão, a naturally processed coffee from the Cerrado of Brasil, provides the blend’s exotic backbone, bringing rich fruit and a distinctly herbaceous structure, while the sister offering, Fazenda Freitas, provides the rich caramel body, reigning in its rowdy compatriot to create a more focused experience. The wild card is an old favorite, the Kanyege from Rwanda, which rounds out the profile with notes of pineapple and kiwi, along with a husky drop of amaro. Caution! This signals an espresso that may be habit-forming.


We recommend starting with the following brew parameters: 

Dose: 17-18 grams in a "18g" VST or "17g" Strada basket

Temp: 198-200 degrees at the group

Time: 28-32 seconds

Brewing Ratio: 50-60% or 30-35 g of liquid

Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group

Days Rested: 7-12