NEW Ritual "Instant" Coffee

$ 3.99

Trust us on this. We know instant coffee has a deservedly bad reputation. As it should.

But thanks to science, and our friends at Swift Cup, we are proud to introduce a new way to get your daily Ritual, no matter where you are. 

  • We recommend 1 sachet per 8-10 oz water. 
  • Sachets have a best-by date of 1 year which is printed on the envelope. 
  • Tested thoroughly and approved by Ritual

Ritual Instant is by no means a replacement for a beautifully made drink in one of our cafes, or a well-extracted pour-over made with freshly ground coffee.

This is for those times when you want a quality cup, with all the flavor you'd expect from any of our single origin coffees, but without the fuss, the mess, or the space requirements. 

We're thinking backpacking, holidays at Aunt Trudy's, airline terminals at 4 am, or at some gas station in the middle of nowhere. 

Just add water and enjoy a great cup of coffee.