SOMA x Ritual Brew Bottle Gift Set

$ 59.00

Presenting a special edition of SOMA Brew Bottle- with the Ritual logo in 20kt GOLD!

Plus a specially curated single-origin 12oz bag of Ritual Coffee, all in one highly giftable gift set!

Why is this the best portable brewing device ever devised?

Check it out:

-brews 3 ways: hot coffee (that stays hot!), cold brew or tea,
all with the same easy-to-clean filter

-double-walled glass construction is elegant and highly insulating

-leak-proof lid for on-the-go beverage enjoyment

-patented stainless steel filter design effortlessly brews amazing coffee

-all components are dishwasher safe

-Yes, it's Ritual Barista approved, and we'll also select one of our favorite coffees for brewing with this game-changing brewer + elegant vessel

Drip coffee recipe:

20g coffee to 340g water.

Grind coffee medium (20 on Baratza Encore).

Pour 50g of hot water and then gently stir brew bed.
At 0:45, begin pouring the rest of the water, ensuring not to overflow brewer or let the bed go dry.
Brewing should finish around 2:45.
Pull out brew basket.

Cold brew recipe:

50g coffee to 300g water

Grind coffee medium-coarse (30 on Baratza Encore).

Pour 300g room temperature water into the brewer.
Add coffee grounds to brew basket and give a slight stir to saturate.
Close the lid, shake, and place in refrigerator for 12-16 hours.
Remove basket.