Alexander Sabillon, Honduras

$ 20.25

Harvested: Summer 2018

Variety: Bourbón, Pacas

Location: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Tastes like: rose, sugar cane, cola

Grown by: Alexander Sabillon


While history and tradition are the foundations of some of the best coffees in the world, sometimes it takes a young producer with a willingness to take chances and experiment to cultivate something really special. Hailing from a long line of coffee farmers in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, Alexander Sabillon is the youngest of his clan, and the first to produce coffee that is truly specialty.

After acquiring a small 1.5 hectare farm that was completely decimated by coffee rust two years ago, Alexander has started fresh, doing a great job with replanting and pruning and managing his farm with the best of care. Two years ago, we purchased the entirety of his first harvest. This year’s harvest yielded more than three times that volume, and the quality is even more pronounced.