Baratza Sette 270W

$ 499.00

Friends, the future is here.

Baratza designed the Sette W over an 8 year period to create one of the most advanced and complete coffee grinders ever made. Seriously, this thing is nuts.

The Sette W features a rotating outer burr and fixed inner burr allowing coffee to pass downward, unimpeded, directly through the grinder and into your porafilter or dosing vessel. This mechanism doubles grinding efficiency and reduces grounds retention significantly all while providing a level of adjustment suited to any brew method you can throw at it.

We're not even finished. We still need to talk about the W.

Like other Baratza grinders, the Sette W features an adjustable portaholder for direct dosing into a portafilter or other dosing vessel. Unlike any other grinder ever made ever, this portaholder is suspended upon an Acaia load cell for precise weight-based dosing built-in. The Sette W is also Bluetooth enabled to allow for unprecedented insight and control over your dose.

All of this craziness packed into a compact, counter-friendly form factor and priced for serious home use.

What. The. Hell.

  • 40mm conical ceramic burrs / up to 5.5g per second
  • 30 step macroadjustment, stepless microadjustment
  • Time and weight-based programmability
  • Acaia technology built-in
  • 10 oz. hopper capacity
  • 13 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm