La Bandera : El Quetzal, Costa Rica

$ 18.50

Harvested: Spring '18

Variety: Caturra

Location: Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica

Tastes like: lemon-lime soda, honey, graham cracker

Grown by: Diego Hidalgo

This special offering is an omni-roast, perfect for filter coffee preparation or espresso!

Like many coffee producers, Diego Hidalgo grew up on the farm that he owns today. While his father was busy growing and selling the family’s coffee to local cooperative “Coopedota”, Diego was coming of age, and in 2011 he set out for the USA with dreams of providing a stable future for his family.

It was here, in the specialty coffee houses of the US, Diego saw a potential for success in the farm - if he could produce coffee of high enough quality to sell directly to specialty roasters around the world. Diego returned to the town of Santa Maria de Dota and invested all of his savings back into the farm, reorganizing farm management to help produce the highest quality possible and purchasing the necessary equipment to process all of the harvest himself.

This lot is a premium picking from the section of farm Diego calls “El Quetzal.” Light as a feather, and magic in the morning!