Dreamboat Seasonal Espresso

$ 17.50


  • 50% Organic Hama, Ethiopia
  • 25% Producer's Pride, Costa Rica
  • 25% Hacienda Carmona, Guatemala

Dreamboats are all around us. Whether it’s that "magic man" with the killer smile or your favorite ceramic mug for morning coffee, the vessels that convey our hopes, desires, and loves can take many forms. Our dreamboat of choice is not unlike those that pass under the Golden Gate Bridge every day, stacked with metal boxes of many colors. We are humbled that our coffees travel to us on gigantic, slow moving ships, sharing space with everything else that seemingly makes the world turn. We often have to wait 6 months or more after visiting the farms and sampling the coffee, with little more than our recollections to sustain us, until the container arrives at port and makes its way to our Roastery. We then roast this seasonal produce the best way we’ve found in order to stay true to the unique circumstances of its provenance, and release it to you, the coffee drinking public, as if it were dandelion spores. We close our eyes and make a wish: that you’ll find this coffee to be positively dreamy no matter where you are.

The bright, delicate florality of the Organic Hama acts as the anchor for this flavor cruiser—lilac, orange blossom and watermelon juice the terra firma we depend upon and build from. Add creamy-sweet notes from Producer's Pride (the blend created by contributing growers at the Los Crestones micromill in Costa Rica), and the rich body of Maria Zelaya’s classic Hacienda Carmona from her namesake farm in Guatemala, and we’re really throwing caution to the wind! When combined with the wild acidity and nuanced aromatics of the Hama, get ready to float on an incredibly complex yet pleasingly balanced shot of espresso!

Look for an effervescent melange of our favorite Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Costa Rican offerings, with a flavor profile that we hope will make you feel like running to the bow and screaming, “I’m the king of the world!”

Suggestions for a dreamy shot:

  • 17.2g dose
  • 32 second extraction
  • 29g yield

Pump Pressure: 8.5-9 Bar or 105-110 psi at the group

Days Rested: 7-12