El Angel: La Casa, Costa Rica

$ 18.50

Harvested: Winter 2016-2017
Variety: Caturra, Villalobos
Location: Tarrazú, Costa Rica
Tastes like: nectarine, sugar cane, lemon zest
Grown by: Alejandra and Arturo Chacón

When we first tasted the coffee from the daughter and father team of Alejandra and Arturo Chacón, we were struck by the completeness of the package. The coffee was terrifically sweet and balanced, but also had an interesting, if not complex, acidity. Since that first taste in 2009, we’ve established quite a bond with the Chacón family, to the point that Ritual buys all of the coffee that they produce from their three farms.

During the past five years the Chacóns have built a small micro-mill for processing their coffees that they call El Angel. In addition to purchasing the aqua-pulper, the family has also built drying tables and a small bodega to safely store the coffee. Wanting to provide additional support, Ritual began a sponsorship program to help rehabilitate and revitalize the farm. Over the past several years, it has been very exciting to see the quantity and the quality of the Chacón family’s coffee improve in tandem - a measurable success for both producer and consumers like us.

This selection is from the section of farm nearest to their home, La Casa. Alejandra and her two sisters have prepared this lot as a White Honey coffee - they remove the skin and most of the coffee fruit from the seed and allow the coffee to dry with just a hint of mucilage remaining behind. The result has the sweetness of coffee fruit, but it maintains crisp, clean flavors more akin to a traditionally washed coffee.